Slaying the Lion – Hunt What is Hunting You

Slaying the Lion
154 Pages
ISBN 979-8620377817

We are all running from something. In the shadows there lurks a lion, big and hungry to devour us and swallow us up in guilt, shame, fear, addiction and every other malady there is. It's time to turn the tables. It's time to stand up, grab your weapon and go hunting. Face your lion. SLAY your lion!

Slaying the Lion is a call to arms for many who have felt defeated in parts of their lives. It is encouragement to be courageous in the battles that we often have with parts of ourselves that others may not be privy to, while also encouraging the reader to find strength in community. This book will change the way that you see God and the way that you see yourself. Take the challenge today. It is time to stop running away. Stand up, take a breath, and slay the lion!

Justin D. Belt

About Justin D. Belt (Dallas, Texas Author)

Justin D. Belt

Justin Belt was born in Jackson, MS where he was raised by loving parents and instilled the traits of honor, respect, dignity, and love. The schools he attended, especially Jim Hill High School, opened his eyes to the world around him that was accessible through the arts that he had natural talents for, writing and music. It is in those mediums where Justin sought to expand his craft, managing several blogs and writing with a collective of bloggers called TheWriteAddiction. After spending 14 formative years in Joplin, MO, Justin and his family are now residents of North Dallas, TX, where he teaches students his love of reading and writing, and attempts to inspire them to use their voices to change the world in positive ways.

Justin writes about his life and experiences, yet uses personal stories as cautionary tales, or means to inspire and encourage others to be courageous and to believe that life holds good things. As a servant on several pastoral staffs, Justin seeks to lead others into a closer relationship with Christ through his words and songs. His first book, "Slaying the Lion: Hunt what is Hunting You" is one such book.