Smile, God Loves You

Smile, God Loves You
37 Pages
ISBN 979-8633634471

“In this crazy time when adults and children are trying to manage their emotions, this book is perfect for littles to help them regulate their emotions and know that they are always always loved.” - Shyra Dawson

How does God heal our emotional hurts?

Every child experiences feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and fear.

This beautifully illustrated and rhyming children’s book, by youth minister, Mark Restaino, follows a young photographer and her friends as she witnesses their struggles in one moment and captures their redeeming reactions in the next.

Show your child how God fulfills all of our emotional needs by investing in a copy today!

Perfect for children ages 1-5.

Mark Restaino

About Mark Restaino (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Mark Restaino

Mark Restaino is a full time youth minister and lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and two daughters.

He got the idea for his first story while on a retreat with his youth group students. His other stories also seem to come to him in the quiet moments as he reflects on his life and relationship with Christ.

He is personally drawn to the symbolism and foreshadowing that God weaves throughout the Bible and believes they serve as beautiful defenses in apologetics.

In reflection of his creator, he strives to write stories that capture readers' hearts and minds while symbolically sharing the faith and gospel message.

He prays that his stories kindle the fire of the Holy Spirit within you, your family, and your church community.