So Much to Learn – And so little Time

So Much to Learn
205 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9854225-1-6

My interest in education began before I even enrolled in elementary school. My mother was a teacher in the two room elementary school in Mayberry, Virginia, during the dark days of the Great Depression, and the stories she told me obviously must have stimulated my interest in education. My own public school education took place in a single building that housed the first grade through high school. When I went away to college, I found that some of my teachers from the boonies had done better jobs than some of my friends had experienced in their big city schools. Although this book is related to education, it is not just about education. It is a collection of humorous short stories, things I either heard about or experienced, things I learned while teaching or preparing to teach. There are tales in the book about educational experiences that span a period of about eighty years, from the two-room Mayberry School to the state universities to a huge, overextended community college operating in the halcyon days of the North Carolina Community College System.

Aaron McAlexander

About Aaron McAlexander (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Aaron McAlexander

Aaron McAlexander is a native of Patrick County, Virginia, who recently retired from a long career of teaching physics and astronomy. For the most recent years of his career, he divided his time between teaching astronomy at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, and writing in Mayberry, Virginia. Dr. McAlexander waited so long to retire that he is too beat up to play a decent game of golf, so he chose writing as a hobby instead. Besides, he is of Scottish extraction, and writing is a lot cheaper than playing golf. He is the author of several books of short stories set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, including The Last One Leaving Mayberry, This Old Store, and Greasy Bend.