Someone Like You

Someone Like You
277 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7336445-1-8

Romance writer Emma Cameron has retreated into the sexy world of her novels to shut out the pain from her husband’s death. After three years alone, even in a perfect world, it would be impossible to find another man like Luke. Then how did she end up with two incredible, gorgeous men who crash into her life without warning, battling for her heart and a place in her bed.

Facing the world again will be difficult. But is it worth it, to face your demons for a second chance at love?

Standalone triangle romance. Book one of the Sweet & Sultry series. Steamy, funny, contemporary romance.

Pax Sinclair

About Pax Sinclair (Santa Clara, California Author)

Pax Sinclair

Pax Sinclair is a novelist, short story and novella writer of contemporary romances.

She loves hanging out in her kitchen with friends and going on road trips when she can get away. Most days, she’s stealing time to write or dictate her stories.

She still works in the corporate world of Silicon Valley, but remembers when the south bay wasn’t all about tech. Her days are filled with editing endless business documents for work or ghosting an occasional article.

Her stories are set in Silicon Valley, but are less about tech moguls, nerdy engineers, or venture capitalists. Anyone who is a part of this unique community knows there are other stories to tell about this valley.

Pax is the author of Someone Like You and Trinal.

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