Soul Search – A Zackie Story of Supernatural Suspense

Soul Search
439 Pages
ISBN 978-1530380718

What if everything you knew about the afterlife was wrong? Welcome to Fia’s world. My name is Fia and I hate the dead. Life as a psychic medium is hard enough. Add a raging case of necrophobia to that and people start thinking you own the deluxe edition of crazy. I am desperate for a dead-free zone. Signing on with a wilderness search and rescue team seems like the perfect fit — no earthbound spirits in the empty woods, right?

Bad assumption. Big mistake.

By the time I see a search dog leading a dead boy through a portal to the afterlife, I’m a hot mess and frantic to learn how to get rid of these spirits. Cam, a snarky Brit, and the K9 handler, says he’ll teach me the ropes. But can I trust him? And it’s freaking me out that K9 Zackie is way more than she seems. And Cam’s first real lesson is rubbing right up against my necrophobia — multiple murders from a home invasion more than a century ago. And I’m falling in lust with ghost hunter Lucas, but he’s completely off-limits and untouchable.

This situation is dangerous — code red, DEFCON 1, and Charlie foxtrot all rolled into one. If I don’t make it, you can bet your sweet patootie I’m haunting Cam.

For readers who enjoy a riveting tale with surprises at every turn. Soul Search will keep you turning the pages.

The first novel of the ZACKIE STORIES.

Reyna Favis

About Reyna Favis (North Jersey Author)

Reyna Favis

REYNA FAVIS gleefully writes tales of supernatural suspense while dust gathers on the vacuum cleaner. Her novels have been praised by readers for the very human stories behind the hauntings that create unexpected plot twists, drama, and even moments of humor. Reyna is a K9 handler for search and rescue and can frequently be found on her belly as she is dragged through the woods by a search dog. If you do not enjoy walks in the woods, she invites you to connect with her on Facebook. Reyna has a PhD in biology and was one lab accident away from becoming a super villain before she took up writing. She lives as an unapologetic introvert with her husband, dogs and cats in New Jersey.

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