Space Rogues 2 – Big Ship, Lots of Guns

Space Rogues 2
360 Pages
ISBN 1981064435

Previously, on Space Rogues...

Thanks to an intergalactic crime boss and all around horrible being, Xarrix, there’s a price on the crews' heads, no good deed goes unpunished, as they say.

What do you do to keep food on the table and fuel in the tank? Take jobs as privateers of course.

This page-turning adventure kicks off with Zephyr answering a call from an old friend. A scientist even, what could go wrong?

Before long the crew of the Ghostfinds themselves in the middle of something so big it shakes the foundations of the Galactic Commonwealth.

At least it's not a conspiracy this time!

The adventures continue in book two, there are laughs, a few tears (of sadness and joy) and the first ever Taco Tuesday in space!

Space Tacos?

Can Wil and the crew save the day one more time?

John Wilker

About John Wilker (Denver, Colorado Author)

John Wilker

John Wilker is an event organizer, living in Denver. He's part of the Denver Startup Week organizing team and created Ignite Denver.

He also writes Science Fiction and is a huge, HUGE, nerd.

He's married with two dogs and loves to garden when he's not writing.