Special Forces Christians – The Rise of Militant Faith

Special Forces Christians
126 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4984-7270-8

We are in a spiritual war that is doing extensive damage to the foundation of our families, our churches, and individuals who do not realize that such warfare exists. Christians are often in church to find relief from the results of spiritual attack, but discover that sermons and worship does not do the job.

Military training prepares warriors to respond to an attack from an enemy with defenses and weapons appropriate for that attack. Special forces warriors are particularly trained to enter the camp of the enemy, inflict damage, and emerge, often before the enemy realizes that the damage has been done.

This book begins the process for Christians to realize their abilities, and train in the use of biblical knowledge and skills to become effective against the spiritual attack of the enemy devoted to destroy our walk with Christ.

James R. Boyd

About James R. Boyd (Hampton Roads, Virginia Author)

James R. Boyd

Pastor James R. Boyd has served in ministry over 25 years, in several diverse fields, including street ministry, healthcare, prison, and nursing home ministry. He has served as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Bible Teacher, Director and Co-founder of a local Bible College.

He is a retired Naval Officer and Healthcare Executive currently living in Virginia Beach, where he serves as the President of Seed of Faith Ministries. He continues to serve as a volunteer Chaplain for the Correctional Centers in Virginia, and helps train ministry leaders for several churches in Hampton Roads.