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Dan Freeman loves horror movies. After seeing the movie "Stalker," he gets very enthusiastic about it, emulating the title character and following innocent people around for fun and thrills. He wants to see how close he can get without getting caught. Ten yards? Ten feet? Close enough to smell perfume? Close enough to touch?

Dan suspects his girlfriend of cheating on him. One night, while following her using his newfound skills, Dan finds out an awful truth.

Now the stalker becomes the stalked.

Dave Dykema

About Dave Dykema (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Dave Dykema

Dave Dykema's favorite pop culture moments come from the seventies and eighties: "Star Trek" reruns, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker," the last couple years of "Dark Shadows," "Star Wars" and its sequels. He has fond memories of spinning comic racks, back when they sold for 20ยข at local moms and pops and drug stores. The above instilled in him a sense of storytelling and love of reading, a passion he still shares with his wife and kids. Now, he has taken pen to paper, or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard.

Works he has produced include three novels available for the Amazon Kindle: "Stalker," its sequel "Phobia," and "Wrong Number." All three are thrillers that have a taste of horror beneath the initial flavor, although "Wrong Number" is a bit more straightforward. "Stalker" reached a high point on Kindle's sales chart at #260 out of all books and #9 on the Horror chart. Through his brief stint at writing reviews for, the editor of "American Comic Book Chronicles" contacted him to help contribute chapters to the phenomenal project covering decades of comic history, year by year. His work can be found in both the '80s volume and the '70s tome. Dave's written freelance for the "Toledo Free Press" and also has a story in "Stories and Poems? We're All Forum: The Best of the Northwest Ohio Writers' Forum," an anthology title published in 2006.

He's the father of three children. He lives with his wife, Caris, and family in Oregon, Ohio. He tries to write when he's not running around putting out little fires at home.