Stepparenting the Grieving Child – Cultivating Past and Present Connections with Children Who Have Lost a Parent

Stepparenting the Grieving Child
280 Pages
ISBN 978-1-9-939919-47-2

In Stepparenting the Grieving Child, Diane Ingram Fromme shares the assumptions and presumptions, steps and missteps that occurred within her own stepfamily. Diane faced the key challenges any new stepparent to grieving children experiences, including helplessness to know how and when to offer comfort, awkwardness to identify the times and ways to memorialize the lost parent, and outsider blues—not only feeling uncomfortable in her own home but also in her own skin.

With personal examples, insights from other stepfamilies, and knowledge gained through experience and research, Diane provides information relevant to anyone who supports grieving children. Diane’s straightforward approach will help you: • Gain a more relaxed mindset toward stepparenting through grief • Learn meaningful ways to include and memorialize the lost parent • Help the natural parent claim his or her role in the grieving family

In Stepparenting the Grieving you’ll find hope, strength, and inspiration for the journey ahead, no matter where you are now.

Diane Ingram Fromme

About Diane Ingram Fromme (Denver, Colorado Author)

Diane Ingram Fromme

Diane Ingram Fromme birthed her first book, Stepparenting the Grieving Child, when she craved but couldn’t find the stepparenting information she needed to help raise two children who lost their mom to cancer. She latched on to the idea of a stepparenting-through-grief resource while sitting on the floor of a beloved indie bookstore, surrounded by self-help books that addressed either stepparenting or understanding grief, but not the layering of both topics. Diane decided to summon her powers of observation, journaling and writing expertise, and interviewing skills to produce a guidebook for stepparents of grieving children.

A writer at heart from the tender age of eight, Diane’s writing and communication experience ranges from her Stanford University B.A. degree in communication, to training and facilitation work, to freelance writing of personal essays and articles. Diane relies on writing to help her process beautiful as well as difficult things, much of which emanate from her life experiences. In all of her writing, she expresses how education, social interactions, and family dynamics improve, challenge, or change our lives.

Diane Ingram Fromme has published her personal essays in literary collections and online, while her educational articles have appeared in local, regional, and international magazines.