Still Me...After All These Years – 24 Writers Reflect on Aging

Still Me...After All These Years
209 Pages
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1542894357

Poignant...humorous...brutally honest! A collection of personal reflections guaranteed to keep you inspired and entertained on that journey we all travel together: the journey of aging

With a blend of grace, dignity, warmth and humor, women and men from 60 to 90 and from all walks of life candidly share the blessings and pitfalls of aging -- from keeping dreams alive and keeping sex lives active to dealing with retirement, loss of independence and a growing sense of mortality.

A book about living every moment of life!

Karen Helene Walker

About Karen Helene Walker (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Karen Helene Walker

Karen Helene Walker is an essayist, novelist, memoirist and author of "The Wishing Steps" and "Following the Whispers." She is currently working on a new memoir. When not writing, Karen sings and dances at retirement communities as part of the Sugartime musical group, travels with her husband of 20 years, Gary, or relaxes with a good book at their home in Albuquerque. Visit Karen's blog at