Stories Beneath the Stones – Richmond National Cemetery

Stories Beneath the Stones
334 Pages
ISBN 978-1939995-21-6

Beyond the gates of this historic cemetery, opened in 1866-67, the visitor discovers row upon row of white headstones, all of which are lined up in military precision. Each is inscribed with a soldier's name and regiment, and each one of them has a story to tell.

Following years of research utilizing a multitude of documents and other source materials, JoAnn Meaker explores both the history of the cemetery and the lives of the Civil War soldiers who are at rest here.

Part One of the book includes chapters devoted to descriptions of battles, various causes of death, brothers at war, poet-soldiers, letters written home and curiosities, coincidences and anecdotes.

In the extensive alphabetical list that encompasses Part Two the author examines the lives of each individual buried here. After scouring through census lists, genealogical data, government records and websites, she presents us with the human side of the story, the facts about those who lost their lives in the war.

This one-of-a-kind effort is sure to be appreciated and valued by descendants, historians and genealogists, as well as those with an interest in the Civil War and historic cemeteries in general.

JoAnn Meaker

About JoAnn Meaker (Richmond, Virginia Author)

JoAnn Meaker

Meaker is the author of Images of America, Ontario, an Arcadia Publications book written to commemorate the bicentennial of the town of Ontario, New York. Two historical mysteries followed, My Dear Emma and Four Branches - duel time-line stories which are both partially set during the Civil War era. In addition she's written A Line of Shorts, a book of short stories, and children’s fantasy story, Nola’s Gift.

She’s published a series of historic newspaper articles and her work has appeared in several anthologies. Her latest work, Stories Beneath the Stones: Richmond National Cemetery is the culmination of three years of intensive research into the lives of the 860+ Civil War soldiers buried in the Richmond National Cemetery when it opened in 1867. Along the way she discovered so many interesting stories.

A retired teacher, she and her husband Norm moved to the Richmond area from Ontario, in western New York State, where she volunteered for many years for the town's Historical Society, was the organization's President and archivist, and served as organizer of Civil War reenactments at the Society-owned museum. Since relocating to Richmond, Meaker has been very active in the Hanover County Rotary Club, is the current president of the Hanover Writers Club and is on the board of the Virginia Writers Club.