Suited For War – The Nine Inch Bride, Book Two

Suited For War
281 Pages
ISBN 978-0997585629

The second book in the series, Suited For War, continues directly from Ken and Sahar's fitful beginnings in Book One. Here they become odd partners in a duel of espionage against the all-powerful financier Wellingham and his consortium of government and corporate foreign policy interests. From the serenity of a beach house on the British Virgin Islands Ken journeys to terror-ridden South Asia as double agent for Sa within the Wellingham empire.

On his own, Ken communicates with Sa over the Net, through which routine video calls have expanded business and life into new dimensions, permitting a virtual world in which Sa remotely thrives. In his mid-seventies, the gruff capitalist “Old Man” Wellingham is hosting a board meeting of his private bank, whose members include many power players in their own right, people of influence in and out of government at the highest level. Sa has them under surveillance at a time of crisis.

Through her lens on the Manor nerve center and Ken’s eyes and ears in the field, they uncover secrets about world banking, private multinationals, and government manipulation of sovereign affairs which threaten to upset the business and foreign policy apple-cart for the powerful and dangerous players. Sa and Ken risk capture and death as they discover and strive to expose deadly clandestine operations to the world.


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"Bred to a harder thing Than Triumph, turn away And like a laughing string Whereon mad fingers play Amid a place of stone, Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult." ~ W.B. Yeats

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