Sumerland – Tale of Betrayal and Deliverance

272 Pages
ISBN 1517469589

Sumerland —A tale of Betrayal and Deliverance. Award-winning novel, set in San Diego, spanning three generations of a family’s history. Buompensiero’s work was inspired by a true story―her own! Sumerland traces a family’s devastating history and the ghosts who haunt the present, seeking to right the wrongs of the past.

(Winner – 2017 Best Published Mystery – San Diego Book Awards Association)

What if the “not so dearly departed” could return from the other side of the grave to right the wrongs they committed while alive? The main character in "Sumerland" is about to find out. Take a self-assured young heiress, a psychic best friend, a stray dog, a young veterinarian, an old mansion, and a couple of dispirited spirits with an axe to grind—mix them up—and you have "Sumerland."

When Kate Post inherits the old Liebersohn mansion--her estranged mother's bizarre bequest to the daughter she rarely saw and barely knew—Kate doesn't want it, but an odd inscription etched in concrete beside a garden pathway haunts her dreams and drives her back. Convinced that a period restoration will result in a quick sale, she begins renovating. But Kate's plans and the resident ghosts' scheme are about to collide. The result will unhinge Kate's world, uncover haunting family secrets, and set her on a mission to undo the wrongs that only she can set aright.

"Sumerland" is a story of a family divided—literally split in two—for generations. Neither side knowing about the existence of the other. "Sumerland" is based on another family story—mine. Like the family in "Sumerland," we were two sides split by generations. Finding each other was purely dumb luck. A real miracle and maybe something else. Did the unseen hands of our long-dead ancestors play a part in reuniting us? We’ll never know. "Sumerland" answers that question. Its ghosts take us to their world to experience their life-altering events. We see how their misguided passions changed their lives and sealed their fates. "Sumerland" reveals how trust can be destroyed by betrayal, and be redeemed by love. "Sumerland" is a love letter from the past to the future.

M. Lee Buompensiero

About M. Lee Buompensiero (San Diego, California Author)

M. Lee Buompensiero

M. Lee Buompensiero is the author of the critically acclaimed and award-winning “Sumerland—A tale of Betrayal and Deliverance.” “Sumerland” traces a family’s devastating history and the ghosts who haunt the present, seeking to right the wrongs of the past.

Buompensiero is also the author of the Theo Hunter Mystery Series under the pen name “Loren Zahn.” Theo Hunter is a female sleuth and investigative journalist who solves crimes in her hometown, San Diego, California. Releases include: “Dirty Little Murders,” “Deadly Little Secrets,” and “Fatal Little Lies.”

When not researching her next novel, Buompensiero promotes the local writing arts as managing editor of "The Guilded Pen" anthologies, an annual publication of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild. She is also a member of the national organization Sisters in Crime and its affiliate, Partners in Crime.