Summer on the White Grass – The Four Seasons of Morality

Summer on the White Grass
201 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9990944-0-2

The Author's experiences that formed the basis of his concepts of Morality, the failure of World Leadership and the decline of the Moral Character of our society today, wrapped around the True Story of a young man from Missouri's efforts to find and experience the Cowboy Life.

The work covers issues of: Racial Bigotry - Sex Education - Clerical Perverts -UMT - The solution for Health Care - Corruption: in the Media, the Two Party System and the DNC - Bernie Sanders - Out Worst "Backing the Wrong Horse" Failure - Henry Luce and his Friends - The American Inquisition - The Destruction of the American Middle Class - The Three Stooges (Guess ?Who?) - A Pope Resigns - Our National Park Dis-Service and the National Trust for Historic Destruction - AND, at no extra charge - A Proposed New Motto for our Currency.

All along with: the True Story of a Young Cowboy: Ranch Life, Broken Saddles, Bar Fights, Bears and Lessons in Lovemaking.

Lou Christen

About Lou Christen (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Lou Christen

Born: St. Louis, MO 1933 HS: Christian Brothers College High School Degrees; BS in C (Accounting), Minor Philosophy, St Louis University, 1955 Military; U. S Army (drafted), served in occupied Japan 1957-1958 Married: Diana Robbins Christen, five children, Divorced 1971 Business; President J. C Christen Mfg. Co. Inc. /Christen Inc., /Louis J. Christen & Company 1958-2005 Member: Woit's Warriors (Chicago) 1970's Member: Young President's Club (YPO) Trade Assn.: President; Fireplace Association of America Last Business: Beacon Power, Inc. (California) Chairman of the Board Private Pilot: Instrument and Sail Plane rated Retired: 2010 Bridge Player (Silver Life Master), Writer, Model (Radio Controlled) builder