Sunday's Eternal Rose – A Lasting Legacy

Sunday's Eternal Rose
141 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62839-882-3

The third installment and final book in the Sunday Rose trilogy, is entitled Sunday's Eternal Rose A Lasting Legacy. The story begins with Sunday Rose still feeling and living the affects of the decisions she made as a young woman. While she is fully aware of what her mistakes were, her decisions and actions still continued to be the same.

At the end of her story and her life, three messages emerge for the reader as well as Sunday Rose. First, she understood that she should have listened to her parents and their advice. Second, communication was and is the most important thing in any relationship and she chose not to communicate with those most important in her life. Lastly, Sunday Rose realized that if she had let the Lord lead her steps, her life would have been totally different.

R. Jay Berry

About R. Jay Berry (Dallas, Texas Author)

R. Jay Berry

R. Jay Berry is the oldest of four children born in Dallas, Texas. She received her formal education from Ursuline Academy, Texas Woman's University, and Amber University, respectively. After a 30 year career at the Dallas Independent School District as executive director of Academic Services, she retired and began her writing journey. Her books include The Sunday Rose Trilogy, The First Sunday, Sunday's Best, and Sunday's Eternal Rose, that highlights the events in her maternal grandmother's life. Because everyone has those Forever moments, her Forever Series includes Forever Love, Forever Friends Eight on Ten, and the upcoming Forever Stylish Praying Clara. The themes of faith, family, and friendships are depicted in all of her books.