Sweet Hope – an Appalachian Ghost Story

Sweet Hope
297 Pages
Valley Oak Publications
ISBN 9780578453446

Assistant professor of anthropology Parry Euphrates is ready for a change, and when her friend, guitar playing legend Adam Manly Singer, shows up, she is more than willing to lend an ear to Adam’s proposal: to dig up the grave of a man made famous in a murder ballad. Adam sweetens his bid with descriptions of the peace and beauty of Hoagland Holler, West Virginia where the man is supposedly buried; also with nights spent around a campfire, sipping moonshine and serenading the stars with their guitars. It all sounds great to Parry. Yet little does she realize that in digging up the grave, she will also be resurrecting an old feud, and when the bullets start flying, she’ll be looking for help from beyond the grave.

Michael Easterling

About Michael Easterling (Sacramento, California Author)

Michael Easterling

Michael and his wife live on a small farm in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada, where he dreams of adventures and puts them to pixels.