Sweet Love, Forever Passion

Sweet Love, Forever Passion
570 Pages
ISBN 9781078483247


Life could have gone much smoother for Jenny Furia if she hadn't fallen in love with a handsome, mysterious man who turns her life upside down after he kidnaps her.

He sets her free and disappears, but she never forgets him. While she navigates the dizzying years of the 80s and rises to success in her career, she falls in love with another man who will do anything for her. When her alluring captor reappears, emotional chaos follows.

As the turbulent 80s come to a close, tragedy finds her, and her secrets come unraveled when she makes a decision that can change everthing.

Sabrina West

About Sabrina West (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

Sabrina West

SABRINA WEST grew up in Philadelphia and now lives just outside Philadelphia with her husband. She loves to travel, loves animals, and loves Philadelphia, warts and all.

She always lived with stories inside her and finally put pen to paper to bring one of those stories go life. When she isn't writing, she's reading and keeping her notepad handy as her next story begins to take shape. 'Sweet Love, Forever Passion' is her debut novel and a creation of love. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

And, remember, all you need is love ... and wine.