Tailor Made – Start living the life designed exclusively for you

Tailor Made
98 Pages
ISBN 978-1-64191-011-8

“Tailor-Made: Start living the life designed exclusively for you” from Christian Faith Publishing author Lisa L. Byrd is a compelling spiritual journey into the self to discover one’s unique purpose, impact on the world, mission in life, and the very shape and mood one’s path will take when rooted firmly in the hope of God’s saving grace.

Byrd writes, “Tailor-Made is a book orchestrated by God. It was written to restore hope to a dying world, and to extend the opportunity to rediscover his unconditional love.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Lisa L. Byrd’s new book is an uplifting encouragement to all readers whose lives have not gone according to plan or who feel they are underutilizing the precious gift of life. With insight and a healthy dose of Yiddish wisdom, Byrd shows how anyone can turn their life around and not only restore balance but realign with their true purpose if they submit to the directions of the Master Orchestrator, God.

Lisa L Byrd

About Lisa L Byrd (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Lisa L Byrd

Lisa L. Byrd, MPA, sees herself as a willing vessel used by God. She believes God gifted her with the abilities of uplifting and motivating people to lead them to his kingdom.

She knew God had more for her to do but didn’t understand to what capacity.

It wasn’t until she began to seek God with purpose that he revealed, he wanted to use her on a larger scale. He instructed her to write a book entitled Tailor-Made. The book would be about fulfilling purpose, through living life the way God predestined.

Lisa is a resident of Alabama. She has been married for fifteen years and has three daughters. She is a member of Washington Temple COGIC. To book Lisa for speaking engagements, contact her via e-mail at ladybyrd72@outlook.com, or follow her on twitter @lisalucybyrd, and Instagram @theelisalucybyrd.