Tales From Beneath the Crypt

Tales From Beneath the Crypt
102 Pages
ISBN 0692418555

"Welcome to the frightening world of Tales Beneath the Crypt, where all of your nightmares come true.

First, a young woman’s dream house has secrets hidden behind every door and her new lover isn’t the man she thought she knew.

Next, an aspiring writer is having trouble working on his next bestseller because the elderly woman next door is watching him through the window.

Join a newlywed couple on their honeymoon as they stop in his hometown, whose citizens keep their recipes secret. Will she find out the secret ingredient before it’s too late?

A British man is hexed by his estranged lover. Can Davis find a cure or will he be damned for all time?

Last but not least, teenage Amelia loses her family to evil, and the only way she feels connected to them is by visiting their graves. There, she meets a terrifying traveler. Will she be the next victim?

Megan Marie

About Megan Marie (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Megan Marie

Born and raised in a small town in Northwestern Ohio about 30 minutes from the city of Toledo, Megan Marie now lives in Northwestern Missouri with her loving husband of 3 years. Her first books published are Tales from Beneath the Crypt and Vintage Mysteries.

She is a 2012 graduate from Napoleon High School and attended one year at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. While not working towards her nursing degree in Missouri, Megan enjoys her favorite pastimes reading and collecting older books, watching reruns of classic television shows, being the perfect housewife she could be, and spending time with friends and family.

Megan is working on other writing projects so be sure to stay tuned to her blog for more information and books that you, the readers, may enjoy.