Tales From the Basement – Season one - Thirty one short scary stories

Tales From the Basement
182 Pages

Explore true horror by entering the basement -- season one of Eerie Dolls includes a vast collection of short horror fiction written by Eerie Dolls creator Brianna Abello. A collection of thirty one horrifying tales this book features the best in indie horror and delivers a fright guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Read about what lurks in the shadows, remember the creatures that time forgot, and learn about the secrets our deep blue ocean keeps. Read about the bizarre and often otherworldly encounters people experience. Inspired by the strange phenomena all around us TALES FROM THE BASEMENT Season one features tales inspired or based on real stories and encounters.

A dark entity who terrorizes a family through their baby monitor... A man's journey to save his grandmother while being chased by a frightening creature... A trucker's encounter with a frightening creature while driving on a demented highway... A couple terrified of the beasts hiding in the woods... And much more.. Choose your horror...

Brianna Abello

About Brianna Abello (Denver, Colorado Author)

Brianna Abello

Brianna Abello is a horror author and paranormal enthusiast. She enjoys all things creepy and sharing indie horror projects online. Brianna began writing short stories at a young age. Her passion and dedication to writing continued for years. After participating and sharing stories anonymously through online sites Brianna built up the courage to bring her stories out of the dark and finally share them with others.

She managed a book blog for a couple of years providing reviews to indie writers and exploring new books. In 2015 what was meant to be her online writing portfolio became the horror site, EERIE DOLLS an indie horror promotion site which includes other creepy content. Although she no longer keeps a book blog she often writes reviews on Eerie Dolls and continues to share creepy content every day.

Brianna continues to publish her stories on her own site as well as places like Creepy Catalog. She has appeared in conventions presenting materials that help other horror fans and writers. She continues searching for more exciting and frighting content and can often be spotted at cafe shops for long hours.

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