Taming of the T-Bird – an Emily Trace mystery

Taming of the T-Bird
323 Pages
ISBN 978-1505963984

A small town contractor seeks out the help of detective Emily Trace regarding an unusual car problem. She suspects the car's strange behavior has an other-worldly cause, so she decides to take the case.

In her quest to tame the errant Ford Thunderbird, Emily becomes entangled in a murder and arson case, and encounters an alien megalomaniac and his minions, who have designs to take over the planet. It's up to her - with a lot of help from her friends - to thwart their evil schemes. But can she stop them in time?

Sue Eller

About Sue Eller (Spokane, Washington Author)

Sue Eller

Science fiction is Spokane author Sue Eller’s favorite genre. Futuristic gadgets, alien lifeforms, and hi-tech devices have found their way into her two cozy mysteries, a novella, several short stories, and even a couple of newspaper articles. Authors like Robert Heinlein and Douglas Adams, television shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who, and studies in chemistry and physics spawn her ideas.

Sue is vice president of the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers, a member of several critique groups, and has done public speaking, book signings, and even a radio show interview. Her hobbies include music, dabbling in acrylic painting, and video-taping local musicians.

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