Team Steps Guide to Effective Problem Solving – A Step by Step Process to Turn Problems into Solutions

Team Steps Guide to Effective Problem Solving
48 Pages
ISBN 9780997072310

Effective problem solving is the key ingredient in workplace productivity, profit, and innovation. Yet 85% of the time employee teams fail to solve chronic problems. This short and no fluff book will show teams how to identify root cause and the best solutions by using a checklist with a simple set of tools. The most powerful methods are usually the simplest - and this guide makes it easy for teams, leaders, facilitators, and coaches to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Tips and tools for prioritization, effective meetings, brainstorming, and quick improvements are all included in this handy team guide.

Lisa Turner

About Lisa Turner (Asheville, North Carolina Author)

Lisa Turner

Licensed Home Inspector, Contractor, and Engineer Lisa Turner shares the secrets and stories, tips and tricks for building, buying, selling, and maintaining a home while saving time, money, and your sanity. Years of design and building experience deliver never before published tips for organizing and arranging your home so you get the most happiness and magical enjoyment from your effort. From gadgets to security systems to cleaning, Lisa offers practical advice that keeps you safe and happy.

An admitted gadget geek, Lisa built an airplane in her garage in the 1990s and flew it solo from Florida to Maine and back. Lisa holds degrees in electronics engineering (A.S.), English (B.A.), and science (D.Sc.). House Keys is her second book.

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