284 Pages
ISBN 978-1078451697

Isa wasn't planning on attending Colony Academy for Girls until she had an odd incident at a volleyball game. Turns out, Isa is a "sensitive" like the other women in her family. Colony Prep was founded by her ancestor, the minister, doctor, and witch who was thrown out of Boston Colony. Because of these secrets, she and her friends have to recover the family Book from her brother at MIT before the corruption does more than shut off a few lights.

Fans of Harry Potter, Rick Riordan, and Sherrilyn Kenyon will enjoy this YA adventure.

I wrote this for my fifteen-year-old daughter, so it's clean and has a lot of action and snark.

Scott Rhine

About Scott Rhine (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Scott Rhine

Scott Rhine wanted to find a job that combined his love of reading with math problem solving, so he studied both short stories and computer languages. As a techno-gypsy, he worked on optimizing some of the fastest and largest supercomputers in the world. A couple of degrees, patents, and children later, at forty-eight, he still didn't know what he wanted to be when he grew up. When his third publication, "Doors to Eternity," hit #16 on the Amazon epic fantasy list, he decided to become a full-time author. Since then, each book of his "Jezebel's Ladder" series hit the high-tech science fiction top 100. His new medical thriller, "the K2 Virus," is his highest rated novel with the first 12 reviews ranking it five stars.

Humor is a part of every story he writes because people are funny, even when they don't think so. In the real world, something always goes wrong and people have flaws. If you can't laugh at yourself, someone is probably doing it for you. Strong female characters also play a major role in his stories because he's married to a beautiful PhD who can edit, break boards, and use a chainsaw.

His YA series "Messenger" and "Shaman" are about a teen who moves from Las Vegas to Minnesota in the middle of winter..