Tevis Cup Magic – Taking on the world's toughest 100 mile endurance ride

Tevis Cup Magic
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Every horse endurance ride has its challenges and difficulties, but the Tevis Cup has 100 miles of it. It's extreme, challenging, relentless, frantic, exhilarating, heart-breaking, exhausting, exasperating, beautiful, treacherous, insane, exciting.

Merri Melde’s dramatic story of her unplanned and unforeseen attempt at the Tevis Cup, the world’s toughest 100 mile endurance ride, will put you in the saddle, gripping the reins, racing the clock to cross the finish line in the 24 hour time limit, on a beautiful, gallant gray horse.

Merri Melde

About Merri Melde (Boise, Idaho Author)

Merri Melde

Merri Melde is a horse photographer, writer, photojournalist, artist, horse packer, spotted owl hooter, wildlife technician, trail builder, carriage driver, sound engineer, theatre techie, world traveler, clawhammer banjo player, racetrack groom, owner of The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet (Stormy!), rabid obsessed endurance rider, Tevis Cup finisher. But not all at the same time.