The 11 Laws of Likability – Relationship Networking...Because People Do Business With People They Like

The 11 Laws of Likability
215 Pages
ISBN 978 081 441 6372

We all know that networking is important, and that forming relationships with others is a vital part of success. But sometimes it seems like networking removes all emotions from the equation and focuses only on immediate goals…whereas the kind of relationships that have true staying power, give us joy, and support us in the long run are founded on simply liking each other.This book, featuring activities, self-assessment quizzes, and real-life anecdotes from professional and social settings, shows readers how to identify what’s likable in themselves and create honest, authentic interactions that become “wins” for all parties involved. Readers will discover how to:

Start conversations and keep them going with ease
Convert acquaintances into friends
Uncover people’s preferences and tweak their own personal style to enable engaging, reciprocal interactions
Create follow-up and stay in others’ minds long after the initial meeting

The worst thing we can do when trying to establish a personal bond with someone is to come across as manipulative or self-serving. Authentic connections go much deeper—and feel much easier—than trying to hit self-imposed business card collection quotas. This book presents a new paradigm that shows how even the most networking-averse can network…and like it.

Michelle Lederman

About Michelle Lederman (South Jersey Author)

Michelle Lederman

Michelle Tillis Lederman named one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, is the author of three books including The 11 Laws of Likability and Nail the Interview, Land the Job.

A certified ICF coach, Michelle founded Executive Essentials which provides custom leadership and communications training and coaching programs. A former finance executive and NYU Professor, Michelle is a regular in the media. Appearances include NBC, CBS, Fox, Gayle King, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Working Mother, US News & World Report,, USA Today, CNBC, and others.

She holds degrees from Lehigh University and Columbia Business School. Do you want to know more about networking? Share your thoughts and connect with Michelle on Facebook, Twitter or visit her website.

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