The 2017 Book of Days – A Collection of 347 Images Recounting The Daily Events Of The Year

The 2017 Book of Days
188 Pages
ISBN 9781389165610

The events of the day are driven by popularly constructed visual myths that lend themselves to overlapping contradictions and defy simple words to convey the essential truths behind them. Artist author, Scott Becker has created an image for each day covering the different daily tempests afflicting the world of politics and culture, using the ever popular social media site of Instagram (ExistAntsToday).

Using a unique form of visual 'cosplay' based collage juxtaposing the imagery selling the story of the day he plumbs the depths of the contradictions facing the mostly polemic disputes. An accompanying ascorbic commentary is included for each entry after the plates. The larger view of the sum total of the weight of sequential events forms an image that takes on a historical perspective of what the future may well be.

Scott Becker

About Scott Becker (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Scott Becker

Scott Becker has been writing all manner of short stories, screenplays, and poetic verses for over thirty-five years. His prose has been accused of being as blatantly visual as his imagery. These mediums owing much to the proliferation of the personal computer and the resultant facility of an incessant imagination to produce writings and brief video productions that bear the stamp of his ideas and life experience.

His visual work has been seen in various International print exhibitions and media festivals and his writing directly presented at such longstanding literary venues as Red Sky Poetry club in Seattle Washington.The latest most prolific enterprise is the blog site, Exist Ants that was begun in 2013. There are some 600+ short story fiction based stories and articles to date posted that reflect opinions, rants and entertaining tales.

Some twenty plus titles in paper print and on Kindle are currently available. Older articles celebrating his work have appeared over past decades in international periodicals including Mondo 2000, Pixel, Creater Numerique, and Computer Artist.