The 40 Day Challenge – A companion workbook to Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God

Are you as close to God as you would like to be? "The 40 Day Challenge" is a companion workbook to "Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God," which challenges readers to try prayer journaling for 40 days. The workbook, as the title says, is a 40 day challenge with each day including a scripture, thoughts about that day's challenge, a short prayer to our Abba Father, blank lines to write your own love letter to God and a follow-up "faith step" to take on your journey to know Him better.

In writing a daily letter to God for 40 days straight, expect to grow, expect to have a deeper relationship with God. And expect miracles.

Carol Round

About Carol Round (Delaware County, Oklahoma Author)

Carol Round

CAROL ROUND, self-syndicated columnist, Christian author and inspirational speaker, began her journey with the Lord in October 2001 when she admitted her need for His guidance. Since then, she has sought a deeper relationship with Him through reading scripture, Bible study and the personal discipline of keeping a daily prayer journal.

After being encouraged by other Christian women, she penned a book to encourage others to try prayer journaling. Released in 2012, Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God and the companion workbook, The 40-Day Challenge, can be purchased through the author or on

Carol has also authored three collections of her weekly faith-based column. A Matter of Faith, and Faith Matters, was released by Buoy Up Press. A third collection, Sola Fide: by FAITH alone, debuted in 2012. She has been writing her weekly faith-based column since 2005. It now runs in 14 Oklahoma newspapers, several national publications and at

She is the author of nine books, including a three-book series to teach children the wise use of money. Her most recent book is for women only, Growing Confidently in Your Faith.