The Adoption of Little Miss Fancy Pants (By Her Gay Dads)

The Adoption of Little Miss Fancy Pants (By Her Gay Dads)
146 Pages
ISBN 9781540732170

Open adoption is no easy road – especially if you’re a same-sex couple. Casey Williams tells the story of how he and his husband, Jerrod, adopted a little blond-haired girl that rocked their world.

The Adoption of Little Miss Fancy Pants (By Her Gay Dads) begins with perspective of how much being gay has changed in America and explores the various ways to adopt, settling on open adoption where adoptive parents and birth parents know each other and maintain a relationship. Finding the right match is like dating with ups and downs as contacts are made and lost. The book describes what happens after Casey and Jerrod, after receiving contacts from across America, match with wonderful parents—and their families—a couple of hours away. Along the way to finalizing their adoption, marriage equality sends them to the courthouse a day early. It’s both an entertaining and informative look at the process of finding the perfect princess.

Casey Williams

About Casey Williams (Indianapolis, Indiana Author)

Casey Williams

Casey Williams is an Indianapolis-based writer, best known as an automotive correspondent for the Indianapolis Star, WFYI (NPR/PBS – Indianapolis, IN), Chicago Tribune's Sunday Auto Page, and His work appeared in the L.A. Times, Orlando Sentinel, Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Dallas Voice, New York-based Metrosource Magazine, and Toronto’s IN Magazine. He lives with his husband and daughter in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Casey's books are as diverse as his 2019 “So Your Plant Sucks! What Are You Going to Do About It?”, a no-nonsense template for fixing struggling production plants, and “The Adoption of Little Miss Fancy Pants”, an insightful recount of adopting his daughter that was published in 2017. Casey published his first children’s book, “The Cat Who Lost His Meow”, in 2019. Inspired by his daughter Amelia, he's publishing nine children’s readers with Waldorf Publishing in 2020/2021. Subjects focus on traveling to Paris, taking care of a pet hamster, learning about cars, surfing, and practicing how to fart properly – all topics kids will find amusing and encourage them to read. His final reader will focus on a real-life trans boy, written in a personal age-appropriate manner.

Casey’s love of process improvement and manufacturing comes naturally; his father and grandfather both retired as hourly workers from General Motors. He earned a B.S. in Business/Marketing from GMI Engineering and Management Institute (formerly General Motors Institute, now Kettering University) and an MBA from University of Memphis. He’s been a continuous improvement specialist for nearly 20 years, employed by Lennox Industries, Avery Dennison, and Praxair Surface Technologies. He’s a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt.

Reach out to Casey at; view his auto reviews on YouTube at AutoCasey.