Billy the Bully – The Adventures of Arnold A. Airplane

Billy the Bully
31 Pages
ISBN 9781489525925

Arnold A. Airplane and Herman H. Helicopter, happily playing in the sky, encounter a notorious bully whose reputation precedes him and who, thanks to Arnold's courage and ability to look beyond Billy's supposed drawbacks, turns out to be a fine new friend. There is drama, conflict, and a requisite happy ending, packaged in flowing, descriptive verse that is sure to appeal to young readers and parents alike. Renee/Editor

Bill Slentz

About Bill Slentz (Fresno, California Author)

Bill Slentz

Bill Slentz is a retired businessman and has been married to his wife Karen for over 53 years. Bill has written seven children’s books in the “Adventures of Arnold A. Airplane” series and one book for adults called the “The Great American Cross-Country Flying Excursion.” Bill and Karen have two children and eight grandchildren ranging in age from 28 to 2 years and have just been blessed with their first great grandchild. The family is very close and strong in its faith in Christ and devotion to the church. Bill and Karen are private pilots and, like Arnold, Herman, Billy, Mary, Christine and Old Bert, love to be in the sky. Bill has been flying for over 37 years.

All Bill’s books feature the teaching of morals and values through the adventures of young airplanes with loving personalities. The books give parents and teachers a fun to way to open discussions with children regarding difficult issues such as unconditional love, how to deal with bullies, honoring our veterans and elders, patriotism, overcoming disabilities, loving and caring for others, creation vs. evolution, the meaning of Christmas etc.

Bill also builds models of each of the characters in his books to help with drawing perspectives and personality portrayal.