The Andi Alcott Mystery Files – Book Two: The Demon Prophecy

The Andi Alcott Mystery Files
348 Pages
Notebook Publishing
ISBN 9781979036672

Two years after the museum case that shook Private Detective Andi Alcott's sense of reality, she is tense and frustrated with her life. Money problems are at the top of her list of concerns, as usual... but now there is so much more weighing her down. Since saving her in that museum basement, things are more awkward than ever between Andi and her ex-childhood sweetheart, SCPD Detective Dante Ruiz. One involves a local teen who has gone missing, her client being the boy's distraught father. Unable to bring herself to turn away someone in need, she agrees instantly to help find the kid. The other case is brought to her by none other than OOA thief Jax, who's returned to Sheridan County.

Meanwhile, Jax's newest case had brought him around the world, searching holy buildings for secret doors that were hidden centuries ago by the very first members of the Occult Observation Alliance (OOA)... doors that he must now destroy in order to stop a global catastrophe. At first he is thrilled when the end of his search brings him back to Sheridan County, and he hopes to prod Andi's curiosity until she agrees to spend time with him helping on the case. But as more things go wrong and he receives more information about what's behind those doors, Jax begins to doubt his place within the OOA and in Andi's life... especially when his case crosses directly into Detective Dante's path.

For Dante's part, his life had spiraled downhill since the museum case. His unhappiness with his marriage has dissolved into a drinking problem that concerns his partner Drew, his wife Charlotte, and his best friend Andi. When he begins experiencing black outs, he worries that he's completely lost control... until the source of those black outs is linked to a case Andi just so happens to be working on. This leads Dante to realize that Jax, the criminal he hated most, was back in town. Little would he know that he, Jax, and Andi would all need to rely on each other in order to save their lives and the world.

Full of mystery, adventure, drama, and excitement, The Demon Prophecy drags our favorite characters to hell and back... and not everyone comes out unscathed.

Kris Williamson

About Kris Williamson (Boone County, Illinois Author)

Kris Williamson

Kris Williamson is a fan of all kinds of literary genres, but Mystery is her ultimate favorite. A lover of pop culture in general, she has honed her various fandoms into her writing, creating a hit web show as well as two new book series and various screenplays.

Kris founded her own production company, KAW films... she also co-owns production company Notebook Entertainment and is a featured photographer for their other company Notebook Photography. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in northern Illinois with her dog Molly, and her three cats Izzy, Chloe, and Gemini.