The Apocalypse: Triple Threat Plus One

The Apocalypse: Triple Threat Plus One
185 Pages

How do you spell the plural of apocalypse? If you’re Winona Jean Kelly you spell it holy crap. And then you go on a wild survival adventure with a guy who may or may not be your boyfriend. EMPs, zombies, and volcanoes are no match for Winona’s mysteriously prepared parents and rowdy brother and sister. Bring on the apocalypse or apocalypses . . .


This is a book for all the people who know the value of laughter when in tight spots or troubled times. You’re welcome in my lifeboat. We’ll row together.

“C’mon girls! Grab an oar, let’s go!”

―The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Linda L. Zern

About Linda L. Zern (Orlando, Florida Author)

Linda L. Zern

Linda L. Zern lives, works, and dreams in Central Florida.

Born in Florida, raised on sunshine and bug spray, the author read every cereal box she could find and every book she could get her hands on. When other people's books ran out, she started writing her own:

The Pocket Fairies of Middleburg, The Long-Promised Song, ZippityZern's: A Collage and Fifty More; MOONCALF (a finalist for the Space Coast Writers' Guild DON ARGO AWARD) BEYOND THE STRANDLINE (Book I); FOLLOWING THE STRANDLINE (Book II) and the final in the trilogy Healing the Strandline; Ebook short story prequels: Puppies, Darby's Chickens, Storm, Rules, The Story of Stone, To Have and to Hold, Kingdom, Darker Roads and The Gryphon's Glade, a rural contemporary fantasy and 2018 (DON ARGO AWARD WINNER – Excellence in Florida based literature—Space Coast Writers’ Guild)

" . . . because there can never be too many good books or the people who love them." Linda L. Zern