The Art of Fear – How to Write Scary Ghost Stories that Terrify Your Readers

The Art of Fear
89 Pages
ISBN 978-1656836045

Do you want to give your readers goose bumps? Do you want to inspire nightmares? Author James Colton shares everything he’s learned from a decade of writing ghost stories, including:

The Principles of Terror

~Discover the basic qualities that make something scary
~Learn how to apply the unknown, uncanniness, subtlety, and more to your writing

The Ghost Story Process

~Crack the secrets of idea generation to craft a story that is both original and terrifying
~Understand the structure of a ghost story for maximum fright impact

Creepy Case Studies

~Study examples from novels, short stories, and films
~Dive deep into one of my own ghost stories to see how it all works in practice

Practical Exercises

~Stretch your creativity and train your spooky skills with specially crafted writing assignments
~Put together everything you’ve learned to write your own scary ghost story

James Colton

About James Colton (Buffalo, New York Author)

James Colton

James Colton loves supernatural horror in the tradition of M. R. James and Shirley Jackson. He also writes epic fantasy, draws pictures of ghosts, and practices the duelist forms of swordplay.