The Art of Self Transformation – A Guide to Awakening

The Art of Self Transformation
171 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9853915-6-0

The Art of Transformation, A Guide to Awakening provides a pathway to empower the reader to live life with passion and discover one’s full potential. Real life stories, wisdom lessons and reflection pause points are meant to inspire, provide insight and encourage balance in our lives. This book invites you to look beneath the surface, and “unearth” or explore aspects of yourself. As we journey together, we realize there is a great power in rebirthing ourselves, dancing in life’s possibilities and that all things are possible.

Advance Praise
“Laura Ponticello is tuned in to the transformative nature of all life. Her new book, The Art of Self-Transformation, is sure to enlighten and uplift the lucky readers who find their way to it!” – Dr. Ronne Marantz, author of The Dharma of Education: Where Western Knowledge Meets Eastern Wisdom

“The Art of Self Transformation” presents a principled path by which we nourish our mind, body and soul so that we can rejuvenate our spirit, thereby enabling our truest self to shine and flourish. In doing so, we can create a life of boundless opportunity not only for ourselves, but for our children and all of those around us.”– Mark Coleman, advisor and award winning author, “The Sustainability Generation” and “Time To Trust”, and

“The Art of Transformation is a major contribution in the genre of self-help and spiritual development. Not only does Laura offer concrete suggestions to aid the reader in the elusive transformative process, she gives them permission to do so. An encouraging, uplifting read that fills the reader with light, love and hope.” – Traci Medford-Rosow, Best-selling and award winning author of Inflection Point: War and Sacrifice in Corporate America

Laura Ponticello

About Laura Ponticello (Syracuse, New York Author)

Laura Ponticello

Laura is passionate about sharing transformational stories along with forums for creative dialogue. As an award winning author, global publisher, national speaker and author coach/publicist to best-selling authors - Laura is empowering others to achieve infinite potential in their lives. She is the founder of Laura’s List: Books for Women, online community devoted to building connections through the power of a story. In this role, she has inspired thousands of readers and sponsored philanthropic events that raise money for important causes, such as breast cancer. Also the founder of Divine Phoenix, focused on publishing transformational stories on a global basis. Her previous title, Live the Life of Your Dreams is a Pinnacle Book Award Winner for Inspiration and a recent Amazon best-selling book. Her current book, The Art of Self Transformation, A Guide to Awakening is an Amazon Best Seller for personal growth.

Laura graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from Canisius College in 1991. She has been recognized by Six Sigma, and has been featured in national publications. Connect at and at Laura speaks on topics of:  The Leader Within, Unleashing Your Creativity  So You’ve Written a Book, What Now?  The Perfect Pitch and The Writing Process  The Makings of a Best Seller

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