The Bahawre Revelation

The Bahawre Revelation
187 Pages
ISBN 978-1703746754

The third book in the Legends of Aeo fantasy series brings some dramatic twists.

War is coming and Putlag's worst fear may become reality. And the dragon knows more about Boman's declining health than he is telling.

Fend's mission to discover the secret behind Regent Grendic's rise to power is in jeopardy. What is Grendic after? And is there still time to stop him?

As Zille experiences more upheaval, can Geoffrey save his family? Can Emma turn tragedy into purpose?

Check out this thrilling third book of the series.

Chris L. Meyers

About Chris L. Meyers (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Chris L. Meyers

When not busy with his day job writing software, Chris L. Meyers is an author and short story writer. He has written a fantasy series called Legends of Aeo and a non-fiction book called Distraction-Free Writing.

He also speaks on various WordPress topics and has conducted conference sessions based on his Distraction-Free Writing book. He is currently working on the 4th book in the Legends of Aeo series.

Chris lives in the Kansas City area with his wife and kids. Apart from software development and writing, he enjoys geekery, gardening, food and tinkering with things.