The Bible I Thought I Knew

The Bible I Thought I Knew
190 Pages
ISBN 9780615320977

The Bible I Thought I Knew is a topical study book, in which we provide a close examination of certain Bible topics that normally surface in the average church group. Our 30 years of research identifies specific discrepancies, is designed to stimulate curiosity and challenge complacency, and focuses upon profound evidence that should not be ignored.

We feel that there is no secret Bible knowledge or understanding that is not available to us all. Therefore, all the information we have to share should be common knowledge and a starting point for believers, not a shock to them after 30 years of warming a pew. Of course the book will enhance what the reader already knows and understands about Scripture; and includes all the names, dates, places, and verses; so anybody can look it up and verify it for themselves.

Just as iron sharpens iron, we should study together to have our spiritual senses exercised; so we are able to refute contradictions and unsound doctrine. Please join us for an intriguing adventure as we scrutinize some Immaculate Misconceptions and analyze a few Great Omissions. Let’s compare notes as we faithfully search together for firm Scriptural foundation amidst all the traditions and doctrines and confusion-Oh My!


Peter B. Nagy

About Peter B. Nagy (Seattle, Washington Author)

Peter B. Nagy

Raised in a dedicated Christian home, he learned to read by following along in a hymnal. At five years of age, Peter accepted Yeshua as his Savior. Back in the early 1980s, someone challenged him about a church doctrine, sending Peter into thousands of hours of research to either prove or disprove their statement. He felt the leading of God to continue his relentless quest and has spent much of his life researching specific teachings from Christian denominations.

Peter is just an ordinary guy who wrote a very out of the ordinary book. His passion is sharing what he has learned; which will empower others to sharpen their own personal discernment skills. He presents an objective balanced study, speckled with humor, relevant and full of Scriptural application. He believes that anyone can understand God’s Word when taught within the context of which it was given.

Fifty years of believing in our Messiah, three decades of relentless investigation and thousands of hours researching our Judaic/Christian roots have revealed these seldom mentioned details and jaw-dropping surprises about numerous Scriptural topics. The text has been exposed to, critiqued, corrected, improved upon and refined by hundreds of pastors, priests, missionaries, seminary faculty, rabbis and Hebrew elders.

Peter and his wife designed and hosted a half hour weekly Messianic/Christian radio broadcast. They are also key-note speakers at local churches and share their testimony openly at Bible study groups.