The Blue Gem – The Magic of Crieo-Book 1

The Blue Gem
452 Pages
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In book one in the "Magic of Crieo" series, thirty years have passed since the War of the Lands. Buoyed by the heroics of the Dragon Princess, Riyana, the lands have settled into a time of peace. A Council of Races – led by Druid Stelart and King Rion of Thurston – has helped return a sense of normalcy to the nations. Safe trade routes have been restored and Stelart, along with Belark and Nikkon, has begun the initial stages of training new Druids.

An unexpected attack on a Druid leads Stelart back to one piece of unfinished business surrounding the War of the Lands: the destroying of the Blue Gem, the magical gem imprisoning the Demons.

Along with a young Elvin Druid, Rion’s son, and a collection of others, Stelart leads an expedition to the City in the Clouds to retrieve the hidden Blue Gem before it falls into the wrong hands.

Racing against time and chased by Black Knights and other outlaws, Stelart’s group aims to retrieve the Blue Gem before a gathering, unknown power gets there first. If Stelart fails, the unknown force will unleash the Demons to wreak havoc on the lands, possibly ending the peace and smooth sailing once and for all

Jason Haskins

About Jason Haskins (Boise, Idaho Author)

Jason Haskins

Jason Haskins is a 2001 graduate of Boise State University in which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Writing. While at school, Jason’s ten-minute plays The Last Hit and Pandora’s Box were produced for the Boise State Theatre Majors annual showcase productions. The Last Hit was adjudicated by the American College Theater Festival (Northwest Region)

In the fall the years 2011-13, along with co-writer Evan Sesek, Jason wrote three plays commissioned by Alley Repertory Theater in Boise, ID: Voices from the Boise Hole, a play exploring the various types of people one may run across in Boise, Idaho. Levi Middlebrooks: Back 2 Boyzee, a play documenting the return of a former boy band member of the fictional group Kinect4 and his return to music after a five-year hiatus. The one caveat: Levi’s new focus on music is Christian Rock. And finally: Voices from the Boise Hole 2, a play further delving into the psyche of the people of Boise. Jason has also written three full-length plays that have been given readings with Alley Repertory Theater and HomeGrown Theatre in Boise, Idaho.

In July of 2014, Jason self-published a fantasy novel entitled The Dragon Princess and in March of 2018 completed his second novel, The Blue Gem, set in the same world. In February of 2015, Jason’s one-act play One Night Stand was published through Heartland Plays and recently had a performance at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Jason has also written numerous short films, one of which was selected as a ‘Best of’ nominee in the 2015 I48 Film Festival.

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