The BOLD Business Book – A strategy guide to start, run and love your bold business

The BOLD Business Book
300 Pages
DJPR Publishing
ISBN 9780999025840

Suppose you were considering starting or improving your business. Suppose you wanted to make more money AND have the free time to enjoy it. Let's just say that you want to be able to have your business work for you. Maybe you are not there yet but the vision is real. This book is for you.

With stories, data and a witty sense of style this is the business book that does not rival a desert in dryness though it does dowse you in useful content. You know how most business books give you a tidbit or two to take with you and are otherwise filled with pure drivel? How many tidbits do you think we packed into The BOLD Business Book?

This is the business book you will read and reread and give away to your friends who are on a similar BOLD path. Reading this book is only the start. But you need to start somewhere, don't you? This is one of the best business books because it dares to talk about things that most other business books are afraid to. Things like what to wear in business and what to do at a networking event as well as email templates to help gain connections. This business book also includes real world experiences and stories from real people with real businesses.

James Kademan

About James Kademan (Madison, Wisconsin Author)

James Kademan

Some authors just love to write. James happens to love writing and business. James Kademan doesn't write for everyone. He aims his writing at people that are looking to improve themselves or their businesses. James has learned more than a few times that education is often expensive. However, that education, at least in business, can be quite a bit cheaper by reading some good books and taking some solid advice from great authors. So he did that and started to learn more beyond what the typical business book teaches.

With the goal of writing books for small business, he knew the best place to start was in motivating people as fast as possible. James' first real book, You Got This! A motivational guide for achieving your goals was a small slap in the face to typical motivational books. Not through intention, just in its simplistic content. Find it on Amazon and love it. It may take a few minutes of fuming at first, but eventually, you'll get it. People always do.

James Kademan's soon-to-be bestseller, The BOLD Business Book hit the Amazon shelves the end of September, 2017. This is the book that put James on the map with small business owners worldwide. By bringing together business basics and adding in a healthy dose of business education nobody teaches you, all while adding in the wit and humor that only James can bring, you end up with a business book like no other.

If you would like to get in touch with James he has a phone that gets answered at (608)210-2221 as well as an email inbox that routinely gets checked via

James Kademan offers business coaching through his company Draw In Customers Business Coaching and lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he routinely talks about small business, avoiding discussing the ever changing weather. Just like everybody else that lives there.

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