The BOND OF LOVE – A Global Affair

197 Pages
ISBN ISBN:978-1-5043-8 (sc) ISBN:978-1-5043-8458-2 (hc) ISBN:978-1-5043-8457-5 (e)

This book is meant to open up the world of ideas to a new mode of thinking and looking at the planet, and our role within it. Its pages reveal the existential values that are interplay within the universe . It posits the simple concept that love is in and of everything, therefore it is all there is. It is the paramount element of all life. Love as an element is the foundation and the existential framework and the totality of all things. We come from love for God is Love. We are the children God, imbued with the essence of the Creator which is the element of love, and we are made in his image therefore we too are love.

We are all connected as one by that bond called love which binds us globally and universally as one. We are therefore spiritual beings who must come to understand that there is no difference one from the other, and the separation that is perceived exists only in our inability to understand that love is all there is, and there is nothing that is not love.

Complexities exist within the realm of love and these many aspects of love combine to create the universe of love. This book addresses the many facets of love that is required of a book on love. It begs you to deny the teachings of the past, and it urges you to revert to the simplicity of a spiritual and divine relationship so that all could be brought into wholeness, and love. It asserts the ethos that love is all there is, and flows through all things to create the bond of love.

Marjorie A. Cuffy

About Marjorie A. Cuffy (Orlando, Florida Author)

Marjorie A. Cuffy

Marjorie A. Cuffy is the author of The Bond of Love: A Global Affair which she hopes will find its rightful place among the many related editions on love. She has been brought to this moment by the love that is of all. She, therefore, brings forth a spiritual aspect that is, by design, the weight of a vision of her own spiritual hankerings that have expressly become the tenets of her life's work. Formerly a healthcare professional whose experiences span diverse cultures and, in general, borne witness to the human condition, she has been motivated by the desire to search for peace and justice. She enjoys gardening, volunteering, communing with nature, and she has traveled extensively--a passion which she shares with her husband, Hudson. She is the mother of two sons, with an extended family that includes a daughter-in-law and a grandson. Originally from the Caribbean island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, the daughter of Carden and Emily Williams, she has five brothers and now lives in Melbourne, Florida.