The Call of Chaos – (The Forgotten Years, Book 1)

Exiled from his homeland, Cor’il Silvermoon was left to roam without direction. Bestowed with unimaginable power by the awakening Threads, he struggles to understand his purpose.

But when he discovers that terrible forces are tearing the Realm asunder, Cor’il realizes that no one can withstand the storm alone. Forced to confront the mythical monsters that pillage the land, he faces a Realm that has become much deadlier, encountering new friends, dangerous enemies, and impossible challenges.

Can Cor’il and his friends discover the source of the chaos and stop it? Or will they be forced to watch as everything they know and love is utterly destroyed, ushering in a new age of danger and discord?

Sean R. Frazier

About Sean R. Frazier (Columbia, Missouri Author)

Sean R. Frazier

Sean R. Frazier is the author of The Forgotten Years series. He was inspired to write in elementary school but did not seriously consider publishing anything until he graduated college. Though he had grandiose visions of churning out nonstop novels, those dreams were shelved for a while…until now.

Sean lives in Missouri with his wife, two daughters, and assorted pets. He is a father, a husband, a gamer, a runner, and a total dork.