The Case of the Disastrous Dragon – Tales of Monstrovia Book 2

The Case of the Disastrous Dragon
175 Pages
ISBN 9781537457598

Why would anyone defend a ferocious fire-breathing dragon? If Brodie and his uncle, Doofinch the Defender, don't win this case the consequences are hilariously disastrous in this sequel to the multi-award winning Welcome to Monstrovia.

Brodie, recently sent to live with his uncle by his divorced parents, had trouble in school, but now is the assistant to his unique uncle, the lawyer for mythical monsters and fictional folk in Monstrovia, a land where anything can happen and does.

Newhouse, a former teacher, and award-winning author, uses wacky cases and humor as he challenges readers to solve mysteries and learn about the law. Voted Top Ten Children's Book in the P&E Reader Poll, it will soon be followed by The Case of the Crazy Chickenscratches, and more.

Mark H. Newhouse

About Mark H. Newhouse (The Villages, Florida Author)

Mark H. Newhouse

Mark is a multi-award winning teacher and author of children's and adult books. Born in Germany to Holocaust survivors, he loves writing humorous mysteries for children. His childhood, first in the Bronx and then in Queens, was filled with abuse and as a teacher and author he likes to empower children. His underdog characters use intelligence and courage to face danger and solve problems.

Bullied as a child, he created The Midnight Diet Club, 1st Place Royal Palm Literary Awards, where a girl suspects there is something supernatural about her tormentors. In the Rockhound Science Mysteries, Teacher Choice Award (Learning), children are challenged to solve funny crimes and catch crazy crooks by fun experiments such as making orange juice ice pops. His latest series, Tales of Monstrovia, features a boy troubled, and in trouble, because of his parents' divorce, becoming the reluctant assistant to the lawyer for monsters and fantasy characters in mysteries that teach about the fascinating world of lawyers.

Now living in Florida, Mark has written the award-winning Ectos: The Ghost Doctor's Assistant, and its sequels for Solstice Publishing as well as contest-winning short stories for the Florida Writers Association, Journeys Anthologies and Tales2Inspire. He is currently working on a book about a boy who discovers his family was murdered during the Holocaust and Tales of Monstrovia 4: The Fire-breathing Fire Fighter. Visit