The Choice

The Choice
243 Pages
J&A Publishing
ISBN 979-8688173482

Fifteen-year-old Jared must kill an innocent old man to complete his gang initiation, but instead of shooting, he drops the gun. He may have saved the old man's life only to lose his own.

When Jared refuses to kill for his gang, they beat him nearly to death. Comatose, his world splits in two. In one, Jared battles to wake from unconsciousness. In the other, he becomes a ruthless gang member known as J-Rock. After three years in darkness, Jared finally opens his eyes, and is bombarded by visions of the horrible crimes J-Rock is committing in a parallel world.

As Jared struggles to wake, he realizes his soul has been switching places with his criminal counterpart. With help from his rehab nurse, Kate, he discovers J-Rock is set on wreaking havoc in his world. Jared must find a way to eliminate J-Rock before the next switch, before J-Rock murders Kate and their expected child.

James Alexander

About James Alexander (Portland, Maine Author)

James Alexander

A freelance writer and a graduate in an IT discipline, I have always had a fascination with new technologies and their impact on society which is often showcased in my writing.

By day, I am a cubicle-dwelling creature, staring at spreadsheets and lines of code, trying my best not to be swallowed up in the numbers staring back at me. I love using my abilities to solve problems and create solutions but often find myself frustrated by the lack of opportunity to use my creativity.

The only remedy I have found is to periodically break away from a long stretch of keyboard mashing and coffee drinking to jot down a few ideas floating around in my mind. As a result of this, I stepped into writing stories in the evening using the notes I wrote throughout the day. Of course, this is all in between chasing my two kids. Yes, I’m a dad and an exceptional husband – don’t verify this with my wife though.

I enjoy reading stories with characters that I can relate to. I read mostly science fiction and fantasy. Authors that I enjoy have been Stephen King, Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, George R. R. Martin, and Dean Koontz.

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