The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Revolution

The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Revolution
330 Pages
Colimar Press
ISBN 978-0996749107

A Fantastical Adventure, with a Patriotic Twist ...

When Ellis gets lost in the creepy forest behind his house, a mysterious light draws his attention. He steps into the light, bringing his anxiety-prone dachshund and followed by one very hyper mouse. Together, they find themselves trapped in the dark, ominous world of Kibblestan, a land full of bizarre canines, over-sized rats and small creatures called Petikins. It is also a land that is under attack, by grisly Snotlins who destroy everything in their path. All Ellis wants is to find a way back home, but when he meets a young Petikin who's lost his family, his offer to help sends him on a harrowing journey that will uncover many truths--truths about the Snotlins, truths about the missing family and truths that will lead Kibblestan to a revolution and force Ellis to make the most painful decision of his life.

Andrea Rand

About Andrea Rand (Dallas, Texas Author)

Andrea Rand

Andrea Rand started writing stories in the first grade and never stopped. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in business and plenty of dreams, she built a career in sales before leaving the workforce to raise a family. She currently resides in Texas with her husband, two children, two neurotic dogs, two adorable rats and one shifty cat.

A fantastical adventure with a patriotic twist, her middle-grade fantasy series The Chronicles of Kibblestan draws upon some of America's founding principles as it explores themes of liberty versus tyranny. Featuring grisly Snotlins, bizarre canines, oversized rats and small creatures called Petikins, The Chronicles of Kibblestan is a thrilling fantasy series filled with humor and suspense, while continuously pondering the question: What does it take for a land to be free?

The Chronicles of Kibblestan: REVOLUTION and The Chronicles of Kibblestan: CANINES are currently available. Coming in Spring of 2018: The Chronicles of Kibblestan: THE WEB. For more information please visit Andrea's website at .

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