The Cry of the Innocents

The Cry of the Innocents
260 Pages
ISBN 978-0692985199

Bodies of young people – Navajo, Hopi, and Apache – are found in the high desert, desecrated. A serial killer? Animals? Or organ harvesting? A group of young men, Navajo and Hopi, recruit a forensic anthropologist and an investigative reporter to help solve the mystery.

The young men form the E’e’aahjigo Kiva Society after being disenfranchised from their scout troop. The kiva is dedicated to preserving the culture and traditions of both the Navajo (Diné) and the Hopi (Hopituh Shi-nu-mu).

Cover illustration by JRC Dyer (

Paul Lentz

About Paul Lentz (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Paul Lentz

Paul Lentz was born in Concord, NC, and attended schools in Guilford and Albemarle, NC; and Quantico USMC Base, VA. He graduated from Concord High School in 1962. In 1966, he was a Distinguished Military Graduate of The Citadel, receiving a BS in Physics. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the USAF in which he served until his retirement as a Lt. Colonel in 1986. He earned his private pilot license in 1974, and a MS degree from Purdue University in 1975.

— After retiring from the Air Force, he worked for The Robinson Company, owned by his wife, providing training and consulting services to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Army, the Patent and Trademark Office, and C-SPAN Television.

— He moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, in 2005 where he serves as Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of the Friends of the Peachtree City Library.

— He is the author of four novels, "On Ty Ty Creek: Sweet Potato Pie, Moonshine, and other Southern Traditions" "The Stuff of Life: Book I," "Holy Fire,” and “The Cry of the Innocents.” All are available on in both print and Kindle editions. All royalties accrue to the Peachtree City Library, Inc.