The Cursed Jackson Green – The Pacific Prep Series

The Cursed Jackson Green
272 Pages
ISBN 9780692865644

With Pacific Prep High School in the palm of his hand and his best friend by his side, Jackson Green is ready to finish his senior year how he started: on top…but that seems to be too much to ask for, as Jackson’s final year at Pacific Prep spirals into a world of danger. He quickly discovers that his golden boy days are over and reality exists in the supernatural depths of the unknown.

The first book of the Pacific Prep Series, The Cursed Jackson Green is much more than a paranormal novel – it touches upon the world’s greatest topics: from the vaults of history to the complexities of love and the reaches of friendship.

Brett Biaggio

About Brett Biaggio (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Brett Biaggio

Hello! I’m Brett Biaggio. Always a passionate reader and storyteller, I began writing The Pacific Prep Series in 2013 after my best friend passed away. As I struggled to cope with the death of my friend, this story emerged from the grief, and with that parts of my experiences and emotions are imprinted on the characters you’ll journey with.