The Curtain Falls

The Curtain Falls
248 Pages
Black Rose Press
ISBN 978-1490487397

A Sexy Magician Entices an Innocent Young Girl to his Magical, Dangerous Theatre

Trapped beneath her mother's control, Olivia longs to be an actress and live a magical life. In her little world, she's a star upon the stage. Yet her dreams stay locked in her head - until a mysterious stranger gifts to her an enchanted ticket. What wonders it will unleash!

Olivia goes to the theatre, where glowing gaslights, strange voices, and golden mirrors are controlled by a masterful magician. What is the deadly secret behind his powers? Olivia had better be careful, or she could get trapped in his theatre forever ...

Meg North

About Meg North (Portland, Maine Author)

Meg North

Love a spooky tale? How about a dark fantasy? Or an old-school Gothic romance?

Meg writes darker novels set in the Victorian era. She draws inspiration from the vast amount of history here in Portland, as well as classic works to create her novels. She's especially inspired by her time giving tours at the Longfellow House!

Meg's published books include "Daniel's Garden," "The Heart of a Lie," "The Curtain Falls," and "Fogbound Manor." She's currently working on a Frankenstein-inspired tale called "The Transformation of Charlotte Poole."