The End Game – A Training Guide for Those Who Truly Want to End Sexual Harassment

The End Game
35 Pages
Kindle Direct Publishing self-published
ISBN 9781549861697

The End Game was born out of the need for understanding sexual harassment and how to deal with it. If you’ve ever wanted to know why some people sexually harass others, this book explores that. If you’ve wondered why some people respond differently to sexual harassment than others, this is a start. The book also offers tools for how to prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace.

Julie Still-Rolin

About Julie Still-Rolin (Destin, Florida Author)

Julie Still-Rolin

Julie Still-Rolin is a Pensacola, Florida based writer, speaker, and artist. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers. As a lesbian who grew up in Southern Alabama, many of her stories address coming out in the South and her experiences of being an outsider in a small town. Her first self-published book is a small guide for sexual harassment prevention and understanding that was fueled by many years of suffering from this issue. Her latest work is a mix of self-help and memoir that exposes her struggles and offers tools for dealing with life’s challenges.

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