The End of Conflict – Resisting False Utopia in Hope of True Restoration

The End of Conflict
303 Pages
Restoration Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9893390-0-1

The End of Conflict is focused on the subject of conflict and conflict resolution from a biblical perspective. Many books on related subjects such as forgiveness and reconciliation have flooded the market. This book provides an approach that differs from much of the popular thinking and theology. This is a book that is for individuals that have experienced significant conflict or abuse situations. It offers answers that do not simply blame the victim or offer shallow approaches that fall short of God's ultimate desire for real reconciliation.

Conflict is traced from its origin in the universe to its ultimate demise in the coming of the person of Christ. In the space in between, Christians are given thoughtful, biblical and practical advice on how to deal with sticky conflicts. Some conflicts will not be resolved in this life. The End of Conflict gives a realistic path to follow when all efforts at conflict resolution have failed. We're not stuck and surprisingly to some, God offers a clear way out of the situations that seem impossible.

If you are a believer who is feeling not only the pain of the original conflict situation or abuse but also the added pain of other Christians not getting you or the situation, this book is for you. It is a refreshing contrast to much of what passes today in Christian circles, providing a real hope grounded in God, His Person and His word.

Andrew Johnson

About Andrew Johnson (Boise, Idaho Author)

Andrew Johnson

Andy Johnson is a former architect and pastor who now works as an organizational consultant and executive coach. He specializes in conflict resolution, team health and organizational development. He also has the privilege of working with individuals in the sacred space called coaching. He is part of a group of consultants known as Price Associates and collaborates with other like-minded professionals on a variety of projects.

Andy is the author of three books. His first is The End of Conflict, a biblical reexamination of the subject of conflict and its resolution. His second book is entitled Pushing Back Entropy. In Entropy, Andy lays out not only a clear model of conflict development and prevention but also a model of team health that can serve as a roadmap for team development. His latest book is titled Introvert Revolution. In this book, Andy explains the effect of the Western bias that favors extroversion on introverted leaders. Then he offers a path toward recovering a clear understanding of the natural strengths of introverted leaders and advocates for a balanced and complementary view of leadership that recognizes the interdependence of introverts and extroverts at the top of the org chart.

Andy is married to his high school sweetheart. Together, they have three wonderful daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandsons. They spend lots of time with their children and grandchildren, trying to adjust to their empty nest. Andy is an avid reader and writer and is currently working on his PhD in industrial and organizational psychology. He and his wife currently reside in the Boise, Idaho area.