The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss

The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss
262 Pages
An M.E. Gwynn Publication
ISBN 9781732454606

"The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss is a much darker book...The villains are dark, creepy, arguably crazy. I couldn’t put this one down." ~ Aurora Dawn

"Read both Exposed and Evolution...Once I started I couldn't bring myself to put them down. " ~ SafetyJack

What happens when Berlin's premiere dominatrix trades in her whip for a badge and gun? She discovers she cannot completely escape her past. With the help of the detective who saved her little brother’s life, Elsa Kreiss enters the police academy, expecting her world to now be far safer. Instead, it only becomes more dangerous!

An unsolved case of three missing girls from Charlottenburg pulls her mentor, Kommissar Joseph Heinz, back into the dark abyss just as he realizes he’s in love with his partner, Birgitta Mahler. While he searches for a killer, she fights an attraction to a very sexy bad boy. Lukas Trommler is everything she likes in a man; cocky, confident, and hot. An art buyer at a local gallery, Lukas exudes culture with an edge of danger. He invites her into his world where she comes face to face with a familiar monster, Yuri Ivchencko, one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the world with ties to the Russian mafia and human trafficking. His obsession with the sick and twisted side of human nature expressed in art offends Elsa, who doesn’t hesitate to say so. Her outburst lands her squarely on his radar. When Elsa is reported missing, Heinz must put aside his case to rescue his protégé. The operation brings him face to face with a man from his past, the evil Russian he believes responsible for the cold case that haunts him still.

The stakes are high as they race to save several young women now at the mercy of a sadistic billionaire now bound for St. Petersburg, The fate of those kidnapped, should Elsa and Heinz fail, will be worse than death.

If you loved Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, then you will love The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss.

Book II in The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series

Michele E. Gwynn

About Michele E. Gwynn (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Michele E. Gwynn

Michele E. Gwynn is an award winning, Amazon Bestselling Multigenre Author (Amazon Bestsellers Lists for: Once Upon a Midnight, Oct, 2016 Amazon US; The Winter Wishes Collection, March & April 2017 Amazon UK) of Crime/Detective novels, military romance, and sci-fi and fantasy books. Her career in writing began as a local journalist in San Antonio. From there, Gwynn moved to online content and celebrity interviews. An avid reader, she tried her hand at fiction following an unexplained encounter in January of 1996. Harvest became the first book of a science fiction trilogy based on a true encounter. But a trip to Berlin inspired her flagship crime series, The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series. Bitten by the writing bug, more books followed with no end in sight. Today, she continues to plot tales, care for her feline fur babies, and take day trips around Texas meeting new people, hearing their stories. You might find her at a local BBQ joint or milling around a flea market or antique store. She'll be the one smiling, saying hello. Before long, you'll be telling her all about yourself like you just ran into an old friend. It's a Texas thing.