The Fulfillment – Book 1 of the The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment
59 Pages

Luke Jacob was a typical teenager, who enjoyed all the amenities of being the star quarterback on his high school football team and the local hero. Living in the small town of Boulder City Nevada, life was predictable and comfortable. With graduation soon approaching, his life was on a carefully planned road.

Until he spots a mysterious and beautiful girl in the crowd at one of his games—Mary.

Their lives intertwine and a bond of inseparable love is forged. Discovering a life changing secret that is revealed to them by their parents. It is then, that everything Luke thought about his family, friends and neighbors is shattered. Unearthing a truth that is older than time and greater than anything he could ever imagine.

Vicki-Ann Bush

About Vicki-Ann Bush (Las Vegas, Nevada Author)

Vicki-Ann Bush

I am originally from Long Island, New York, but now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. Living in the desert has given me inspiration for several of my books. For many years I wrote various short stories and poems, but never tried my hand at the publishing process.

In 2008, on the suggestion of my two daughters, I began submitting. The first positive response was from Salt of the Earth Publishing for a short children's story. Winslow Willow the Woodland Fairy, was the beginning of my adventure. Since then I've written another story for children, The Queen of It, before settling into YA fiction. My first release was the novelette/novella series, The Dusk Chronicles. It is a supernatural romance set in Las Vegas.

Currently, from Solstice Publishing, I have the historical romance novel, The Garden of Two. It is about the perils of World War I through the eyes of a young Long Island couple. Room 629, is my first sci-fi novel. It takes place in Primm, Nevada and follows a group of friends as they uncover a life altering truth. In addition, the paranormal romance novella series The Fulfillment, which is centered in Boulder City, Nevada. Procurement, is the second release of The Fulfillment series. It centers on Luke and Mary, as they fight to stop Lucifer from escaping hell for eternity and destroying everything and everyone they love. And my most recent release is the paranormal short, The Joshua Tree.