The Future of Birmingham

The Future of Birmingham
110 Pages
ISBN 978-0989578516

In the midst of Birmingham’s renaissance, it’s fun to consider the future. Where is this Alabama city headed? Are we on the right track? How did we turn the corner of progress, and how do we keep it going?

These important questions deserved answers. We went out and found all of them.

Well, we found some smart people willing to provide their answers. We rounded up our favorite writers, bloggers, photographers, colleagues and standouts from across Birmingham to complete this sentence: “The future of Birmingham is _____.”

This is our way to celebrate a special milestone, the 10th anniversary of the blog, Wade on Birmingham. And what a weird way to mark it, with a 26-part blog series and a book.

Birmingham deserves no less.

Essays by: Johnathan F. Austin, Jen Barnett, Charles Buchanan, Angie Cleland, Caperton Gillett, Bertha Hidalgo ,Hugh Hunter, Joey Kennedy, Jackie Lo, Kenn McCracken, Chris Mitchell, Teresa Zúñiga Odom, Ike Pigott, Candie A. Price, Christine Prichard, Carrie Rollwagen, Karl Seitz, Jess Simpson, James Spann, Rod Walker, and Wade Kwon.

Wade Kwon

About Wade Kwon (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Wade Kwon

Birmingham, Ala., native Wade Kwon works as a communications consultant and director of the Y'all Connect blogging/social media conference.

The Poynter Institute selected Wade as one of 35 Influential People in Social Media. Birmingham Magazine readers selected him as Best Tweeter 2 years running in the Best of B’ham 2010 and 2011 online polls.

His site, Magic City Post, was voted Best Website in the Birmingham’s Best 2011 readers’ poll by the Birmingham News; it also won 2011 Green Eyeshade Awards for Best Blog and Specialized Site.

In 2011, he co-founded the Alabama Social Media Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in social media. Wade served as chair for the board of directors in 2013.

Wade has worked with companies across Alabama and across America for consulting, training, communication strategy, social media, blogging, public speaking, marketing, public relations and more.